Monday, 18 July 2011

Hotel Manager. Helps the staff or helps themselves?

I have worked for some dedicated Hotel Managers in my time. People that have worked 12 hour days, who lead from the front if things are going bad, they get stuck in first and ask questions later. Now these are my type of managers. They understand the business, they know that not everything can be perfect every time, they see that you are giving everything to your job and they thank you for your hard work and after busy service they get a round of drinks for the kitchen. These people care about the Hotel and Staff and these are usually the ones that have a highly successful career with staff that will follow them into battle anywhere anytime.
On the other hand I have also worked for the other sort of managers, the ones don't only work 9 til 5 monday to friday, who only come out of their office to bollock someone over a complaint letter that stated the hotel isn't 4 star because it has thread bare carpets, someone who picks up the phone an orders a busy member of staff to make them a coffee because they are to lazy to walk to the kitchen and make it themselves, someone who treats themselves to bottles of champagne because the staff have reached budget that month, someone who wants every bit of paper work in place so that if anything goes wrong the blame can quickly go down on to someone else and there favourite motto is "Shit goes downhill!". I have heard that more than once, but it never goes down past me, it sort of hangs around at my door because I am not prepared to stitch one of my chefs up.
These type of managers often have rules in place where staff aren't allowed to eat or drink at the hotel, but the hotel manager usually has all their family come and stay for weeks at a time on a complimentary account that never gets paid just forgotten about.
These people never stay in a job that long, probably because they are thieving bastards on the verge of getting caught by the owners!

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