Tuesday, 5 April 2011

EHO, Were they bullied at school?

I do believe they were. Now up til now I have had a pretty good relationship with our inspector as he has always been fair with me. I myself know that my kitchen isn't always sparkling and the equipment I use is quite old and tatty, the pans are all carbonized because I can't afford a de-carbonizer, but I am always up to to date with my paper work and as soon as we get a quiet period the kitchen gets a proper deep clean. In the past he has always understood this and let us get on with it.
However yesterday I had a phone call on my day off saying the EHO was in and ripping the kitchen to shreds, throwing away all the equipment that wasn't perfect, saying that cooked meat wasn't supposed to be kept on the top shelf, etc. This was our first quiet day in the last few months and I had left a list for the Kp's to get cleaning. The junior sous chef showed him the list and that we were dealing with it, and he just shrugged his shoulders and basically said "I don't give a fuck!"
I wonder if some chef had give him a hard time earlier that day and i was reaping the rewards or weather his wife had told him she was sleeping with a chef because he was a boring, small cocked ass hole who couldn't give her an orgasm!

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