Sunday, 27 March 2011

Vac Pac's, Water baths and Paco Jets

I would love these machines but have never seen or touched them in the flesh. I have of course tried my homemade versions with some clean film and a rationale on steam but I really don't think it is the same. I am lucky if I can keep basic equipment up and running like robot coupes and soup blenders. The other day the soup blenders was broken for a couple weeks and I had 3 chefs stood around a big pan of soup each with a tesco value stick blender in hand willing it to puree. Every time I do manage to get some new equipment I must get the one that they have just stopped making because when something goes wrong with it, no one can ever manage to get a replacement part for it.
I do envy these chefs that get a totally brand new kitchen and get to choose everything they want to put in it, but to be honest I wouldn't have a clue how to use any of it any way. If we did have a Vac Pac machine Big Stan would probably try and vac pac his over sized balls for a giggle. It might be worth trying to get one!


  1. totally know what ya mean , me Chef mate four months ago built his dream kitchen (with somebody eles money )from the ground up all the bells and whisles , all the flash gear ,he also promised the big bucks to a number of battle hardend, ball busting, pipe hitting, line cooking mother fukers to form his kitchen brigade ,long story short the place is hemoraging mad cash half the SAS kitchen team has walked cause they don't do quite place's and the former advertising exec's come resturant owners are wondering why the haven't made any money back on the 3/4's of a million that just flushed down the toilet.

    All the boys are circling like hawks to get there hands on the flash gear that will be sold off when they go under

    kiwikaitime Dmyz123

  2. Do these idiots just think that because they have spent a fortune they will get it back no problem?