Tuesday, 22 March 2011

What happened to the slutty waitress?

There used to be a waitress i knew that loved rubbing herself up against chefs, getting them to feel her tits, showing them pictures of naked slutty poses of herself on her phone, loved talking about how she sorted herself out with her rampant rabbit, liked telling everyone how shit her marine boyfriend is at shagging and how she had to finish herself off afterwards, loved fucking other men behind his back, just basically a good slutty waitress who the loved the kitchen environment and talking filth.
She then dumped his Marine ass and started shagging one of my commis chefs and this was still all good because the details would still keep flowing and it was interesting and fun.
This all changed when they started dating proper, she then turned into a blubbering, bunny boiler, insecure mess who would listen at doorways to hear what the chefs were saying about her and if she was good enough for the commis. This boy was 18 and just wanted to fuck something, he didn't want a blubbering mess on his hands, who wanted to argue about everything. He wanted to get his willy wet in all the positions that the chef was telling him to try!
Please bring back our slutty waitresses!

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