Saturday, 5 March 2011

Kitchen Confidential, my favourite book of all time!

Kitchen confidential is one of my favourite books of all times. If someone wants a good idea of what goes on in most kitchens then read this book. It is great writing by Anthony Bourdain and really brings to life what happens in quite a few kitchens. I have seen some sights in a kitchen and heard lots of stories. I have seen waitresses been touched by chefs and chefs being touched up by waitresses, i have seen chefs groping chefs and dry humping them, i have seen chefs turn up for work pissed, stoned and hungover, i have seen a cock with purple spots on it from a sexually transmitted disease, i have seen nude pictures of the waitresses, i have shown naughty pictures of my wife, i have heard stories about sex and blow jobs in the dry stores, i have seen people sleeping off a hangover in the linen room, i have heard about the orgies in the staff houses!
and i fucking love all of it!
that is one of the best bits about my job and kitchen confidential goes into quite abit of details about it. So please go out and read it

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