Sunday, 6 March 2011

Working for people that don't have a clue!

Why is it that you always end up working for someone who hasn't got a fucking clue of what they are talking about? I don't think I have ever worked for a hotelier who has actually worked in the Hotel business, they just seem to get money and like the idea of having a hotel and lots of staff who can run around after them. I keep hearing from them "I am not a chef, that is why I employ a chef!" yet they all seem to want to throw their fucking shit ideas into the mix and expect you to act upon them, without even the slightest consideration that their idea is a fucking logistical nightmare. Also i keep hearing this one to "It will only take you two minutes!" how the fuck would they know!
Why do most people with money have to be such pricks, who treat staff like shit and expect everything in return.
Now please don't think that I just hate management because I don't. I just believe that if you buy a hotel and don't know anything about hotels. Pay for the best heads of departments you can find and let them kick some ass for you because at least they know what they are doing!

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