Friday, 11 March 2011

Is staff food the most contentious issue in the hospitality industry?

I don't think I have ever heard a chef moan about staff food. Their philosophy is quite simple, they will eat pretty much anything but if they really don't want it they will have something else when they get home. This is the only industry to my knowledge that provides free staff meals. So you would think that everyone is very appreciative for the efforts that the chefs have put in, unfortunately not! Most people are appreciative, but not the 9-5 working, middle aged upper management level women, who all sit on their chunky asses, eating biscuits, bitching about everyone and telling everyone how well they are doing on their diets. These people have nothing better to do with their time than talk about what they want to eat and how they can fuck the chefs off the most. No matter what you do for these people, nothing is ever good enough and they are always the managers best buddies. They try and drop the chefs in the shit where ever possible and they walk round the hotel with the pissiest face on them imaginable.


  1. @Middle level managers .............
    They are they are the ones that come cralwing up you arse When they give you last minute buffet or wedding booking's where they took it on them selves to fuck with your menu's.

    Bitch clear the 5 coffee mugs off your desk and stop comming in the kitchen asking for milk

    My favourite is to ask them to wear those disposable hair nets when ever the are in the kitchen

    Its a strange anomoly that they are generally fat arsed woman

  2. Damn you hit that nail square of the head...I wanna come work for you. I like to give them the left over breakfast food for there lunch, gotta get my thrills somehow. feck em