Sunday, 6 March 2011

Relief Chefs, a breed of their own

Relief chefs are relief chefs for a damn good reason. They can come in, help out for a few weeks and they are fine, then they leave. everyone is happy! Any longer than a few weeks and their true personality comes out, which isn't pretty. The one thing they say when they first come in is "I love being a relief chef because i don't want any responsibility and I get paid loads doing it!" and for the first few weeks they are fine, doing as they are told etc. When they get comfortable in their surroundings the story starts to change and they start thinking they are in charge and start being knobs to waitresses and commis chefs.
The main reason these people aren't Head Chefs is because no body wants to work for them because they are absolute knobs who treat people like shit and that is why they don't want to be Head Chefs because they always end up in a job where no one wants to work for them and so they have the problems of working all the hours under the sun for a salary and not the high hourly rate they get as a relief. And so the cycle begins again as they go back to reliefing until someone hires them again because they did an alright job when they were reliefing last time.
All relief chefs I have met seem to have the crazy fantasies about their lives aswell.
  1. They have so much money
  2. They have holidays whenever they feel like
  3. They have multiple houses and holiday villas
Maybe they all do and I am missing out on a trick, but I don't think so! I think they are bullshitting, psychopathic, backstabbing pricks myself. Not all them of course, I have met a couple good ones out of about 30.

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