Saturday, 5 March 2011

A Chef's Life

I am at the stage in my chef's career where I am started to look at myself and think "What else can I do?"
I am 28 for god sake and already thinking I cannot carry on in a hot, sweaty kitchen until I am 65!
How did I come to this decision? I hear you ask
Well I shall tell you,
I first became a chef because I loved cooking, i wouldn't have to wear a shirt and tie, and when I did my work experience I heard so much filth talk I nearly cum in my pants!
I will elaborate on that bit a little, I was a virgin 14 year old boy in a kitchen where the head chef would bend the breakfast chef over the hotplate and dry hump her, only for the breakfast chef to turn around and say "Your cock isn't even big enough to fill my ass!" Now as a 14 year old virgin this is a very exciting place to be! Then there is the 18-19 year old waitresses playing up to the chefs and rubbing themselves up against them, just so they can get something a bit special for dinner. This is a world I like!
Now I am 28, a Head Chef of a 4 Star Hotel, a pretty decent chef I think, and still have a laugh. But now i have a family who are hardly see, I am dealing with hotel politics pretty much all day every day, I don't miss cooking anymore when I am not in a kitchen and its not the only thing on my mind anymore.
I am gutted that I have fallen out of love with cooking because it was everything I ever wanted to do and I still have good days but it isn't the same!
I want to be the chef i use to be!

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