Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The bosses dinner

I am not talking about working in a place when the boss comes every six months, I am talking about when I worked in one place where the family that owned the hotel, lived in the hotel also. They would always place their food order for dinner after we had finished service. No matter how many times they were told to place their order early and we would sort it out for them at the end. We would always be hanging around at the end of service to sort there food out. This would piss all the chefs because they all wanted to go home or go to the pub to get wrecked. The head chef would come up with little tricks to cook there food quickly. The owners always wanted everything well done so it was quite easy really. Any meat would been thrown into the fryer to seal and then nuked to it was dry, Voila! well done. The owners would always say the next day "that steak was lovely chef!" the head chef could hardly keep a straight face.
warning to all owners who want dinner. DON'T FUCK THE CHEFS OFF!


  1. Ha, a restaurant I worked in was the exact same. Except it was always something that wasn't on the menu, like Pizza or (on one memorable occasion) crocodile.

    And then they wondered why the chefs always scowled at them...