Sunday, 13 March 2011

Is the Iphone the best invention for a chef?

I would say yes!
This is because chefs now think they have a social life. Before the iphone it was just a case of go to work for 12-14 hours a day and not know anything what is going on in the world. Now they have every bit of information at their fingertips. They know which single mum facebook friend is moaning about being bored sat on their ass at home and how their life sucks. They can kiss other chef's arses through twitter, watch porn, listen to gay tunes on the ipod, they can sky plus Glee for when they get home, check out the sport results, actually watch football as they work, play angry birds all day, receive naked pics off the missus so they can show everyone in the kitchen, there is even an app for converting lbs into kgs when the scales are broken and stuck on kgs. and I have even seen a chef draw black lines on his penis and use the tesco grocery barcode scanner to check if they have any instock! Tesco said they had plenty of cocktail sausages in stock.

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